Cup Hat Trick

I know, it’s not three years in a row, but it is three in the last nine. The New Jersey Devils stomped the Mighty Lucks of Anaheim 3-0 in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals tonight. Though he was unable to play in the Finals, former Star Joe Nieuwendyk became only the 6th player in NHL history to win three Cups with three different teams.
I’m not shocked the Devils won, and I’m quite happy about it. I’m not shocked that this series went to seven games, though I am disappointed. Whether or not the Mighty Lucks have what it takes to get here again will be seen in the coming seasons; don’t count your lucklings before they hatch, Anaheim. You were never really in this: the Lucks were shut out 3 of 7 games; 2 games were won in overtime. I will say that Game 6 was a phenomenal display of hockey, and the Lucks deservedly won that one.
So, Commissioner Bettman, you got seven games on ABC in prime time. Congratulations. Starting in October, let’s see you ensure there’s an NHL game on ESPN or ESPN2 every single night at least one game is being played in the league. Then we’ll see professional hockey, with the oldest sports trophy in North America, start getting the exposure it deserves.
(The Stanley Cup is 110 years old.)

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