Left illogic

California’s population growth is almost exclusively because of foreign nationals. A goodly portion–some would say almost all–of those foreign nationals are coming across the Mexican border. A goodly portion–some would say almost all–of those Mexicans are illegally entering the United States.
So while we can understand the desire to come in to the greatest nation on earth to live and work, their breaking the law to do so doesn’t excuse them. Or one would think.
Rather, the Demobrats in the People’s Republik of Kalifornia would grant driver’s licenses–legally identifying documents–to illegal aliens. Can someone please explain why this is a good idea? You’re legitimizing an illegal activity, and possibly affecting future national security. Who’s to say that the next terrorist attack comes not from Muslim terrorists of Arabic descent, but Hispanic, née Mexican, terrorists of a communist/socialist bent, on par with Shining Path in Peru?
Does Gil Cedillo and the other California Demobrats honestly believe that people who have already broken the law by entering the country illegally are going to tell you they’re here illegally by showing up to get a driver’s license? Stupid, stupid, stupid. Here’s an idea: when the illegals come in for their driver’s license, detain and deport them!

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