NetNewsWire fall down in Panther, go boom

I have been running the WWDC preview release of Mac OS X 10.3 Panther on my TiBook for over a week now, and I’ve noticed an odd problem with NetNewsWire 1.0.3 under this OS. Specifically, it’s crashing/quitting when updating from my friend Michael’s blog. What’s even more odd is that version 1.0.2 of NNW works just fine!
I know Michael’s not doing anything wocky with his RSS feed, as he’s very much a web standards kind of guy. So it makes me think there’s something off in this rev of Panther which will hopefully get fixed as it heads to golden master. All the same, I let Ranchero’s Brent Simmons know.
Any other Panther/NetNewsWire users see similar behavior?