Stats, stats, stats!

Jim has upgraded our server stat software to AWStats, and I am mightily impressed. I determined long ago that I would not become obsessed with traffic, and by and large, I haven’t. Mainly, this has been because I have avoided looking at any statistics any server analysis software installed might provide. Once I get over how wicked cool AWStats is, I’ll likely revert to this habit.
It is interesting to note that in 28 days of July, my site has moved 400 MB of bandwidth, twice as many people view the site on a Windows box than a Mac (surprising, considering the pro-Mac tone of my computing posts), and while, of course, IE is the browser used by most, Safari comes in second, and is used three times more than #3, Mozilla. Most people get to the site because they’ve bookmarked it, and for that, you have my thanks. The second way people get to the site….anyone? Anyone? Anyone?
The answer we’re looking for is Google. Google.
Two things AWStats shows (and according to Jim, our old stat software did the same; like I said, I rarely looked at it) that fascinate me: the most common search keywords and keyphrases used to hit the site; and what IP domains pages are being served to. I can honestly boast of having a worldwide readership, though by a tremendous margin, most of the traffic is, not surprisingly, from the U.S.
Australia is high on the list (thanks, Raena!), but I have served at least one page to the following: Slovenia, Malta, Argentina, Israel, Malaysia, Guatemala, Iceland, Slovak Republic, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Greece, Poland, Libya, Algeria, Indonesia, Croatia, and the list goes on. I know, there just may be some simple router-hopping going on that returns those values, but it’s still fun to think about.