Doing the browser shuffle?

What is it about Safari all of a sudden? It’s taking forever to pull up web pages. I’ve cleared the cache. I’ve quit and restarted Safari. The only thing I haven’t done is totally restart the system, and that’s because the exact same pages load like lightning in Camino.
Is some weird Safari behavior going to cause me to flip-flop from it to Camino? Or Camino’s kissing cousin, Firebird? Safari is normally faster than the others, and I like its bookmarking technology to boot. I’d rather not do the bookmark export-import shuffle yet again…
What are you guys consistently using and why? Are you shuffling between browsers? How are you keeping your bookmarks straight? Third-party bookmark managers? Sound off in the comments, please.
UPDATE, 4:00 PM: It seems a certain web site was at the root of my recent problems. Something is taking forever to load on that page, and subsequently is causing any other pages to load very slowly. It took a bit of time to load in Camino, too, though not nearly as long as in Safari. Care to take a look at that, Cory?