On Conservative Democrats

I realize that the above may seem like a misnomer in these days of the far Left hijacking of the Democratic Party, but such an animal does exist. In recent times they have been known as “Reagan Democrats,” a title which should be worn as a badge of honor and not shame, as current DNC leadership would have things.
The Toad points to Kim du Toit’s essay today that responds to a letter from a reader, who is a conservative Democrat. Kim offers an extremely lucid argument on why the Democratic Party cannot be trusted in its current state to run the nation, and makes the case on why conservative Democrats have far more in common with Republicans and should think about switching parties.
Of course, the latter doesn’t really fix the Democratic Party, but rather gives more of a hold of it to the far Left, which has gotten the Democratic Party, and partly the nation, in to its current state of affairs.
I don’t care for some of Kim’s language (not that Kim would care what I think), but he’s spot on:

Handing Democrats access to the levers of power is like giving a teenage boy a bottle of wine and the keys to the Ferrari: a great old time is had by all, until a f***ing catastrophe ensues. Then, when the feckless irresponsibility of the Democrat Party is made plain for all to see, and Republicans have to clean up the mess, the Democrats scuttle across the border into New Mexico in a childish sulk and suck their thumbs until they get their own way again.

Every time a conservative tries to treat liberal Democrats with politeness and fair play, the f***ing bastards use that as a bargaining chip to further their own agenda. Parliamentary rules are fine, as long as they’re invoked only by Democrats — when Republicans even attempt to do likewise, they’re “mean-spirited”. Don’t ask me for examples or this will be longer than a Bill Whittle essay.