Back to work

Today was my first day at my new job. The company I’m working for is AMX, based in Richardson, Texas. In business since 1982, AMX specializes in audio/visual automation and control systems for both commercial and residential customers. The project I’m working on happens to be the Apple Retail Stores.
AMX has partnered with Apple to deliver and maintain all of the control systems for the Apple Stores’ theater and music setups. All those movies that play on the store’s big screen? The cool tunes you hear playing over the loudspeakers? All run by a combination of AMX’s hardware and software and Macintosh systems.
My new boss Mark just had a hellacious holiday weekend prepping the Ginza store opening. Things look to be fairly quiet for a couple of weeks, then it’s time to prep all the content the stores will need after the Stevenote that first week in January