New iPod

So I had long ago outgrown my original 5 GB iPod, but I lived with moving music off and on to it from my Mac as my tastes dictated. An early Christmas present from my wonderful wife, however, has yielded a 40 GB third-generation iPod. Now I have to grow in to the new little white wonder on my hip–I only have about 15 GB of music ripped to MP3 format.
Using iSync, my latest “phischpod” carries my contact and calendar info, and I’ve started playing around with the Notes function. I do miss the input ability I had with a Palm device, and I know I’m not alone. I lived in the Memo function of my Palm, so maybe the Belkin Voice Recorder would help alleviate the input druthers of the ‘Pod.
In other news, I am waffling over how to sheath my iPod. It will either be this or that. Thoughts and comments on this issue are welcome.