ATPM Chicago outing

The boys in and around the Windy City who volunteer on ATPM decided on a get-together last weekend. Wes Meltzer has the complete story, along with a photo of the gang in front of the North Michigan Avenue Apple Store.
One of the things I love about ATPM is getting to see pictures of folks who I only correspond with via e-mail. Now Evan and I have been pals for a while; we’ve even spoken on the phone once or twice. I’ve seen pictures of him, to boot, and trust me, his looks haven’t improved with age. 😉
It was good to see Chris L. and Paul, though, of course, they looked nothing like I imagined they would. I don’t know why, but I always figured Paul would be more of a clean-cut sort of fellow, and thought that Chris would be shorter. Wes, on the other hand, pretty much looked like what I thought he might. Isn’t the Internet cool?
And we’ll have to work on Wes’s Cajun-French; it’s actually “les bon temps roulez.” I also can’t imagine anything north of the Louisiana border being remotely close to real Cajun/Creole-style food…

2 thoughts on “ATPM Chicago outing

  1. I’m glad I looked like you expected me to. Go figure. I have no idea how you guessed that. My face is not that pale, incidentally.
    Question, though: It’s “roulez”? Huh. I actually don’t know any Cajun properly, but I’ve heard the phrase many times, having spent more time than I care to remember in my grandparents’ houses in New Orleans. I was just building off my (pretty bad) French, where it at least ought to be ‘rouler’. I’ll concede the point right here, since I only have a year of French to me, and that was a long time ago. I took much more Spanish, and now I know more Russian than French.

  2. Well, it’s not like I had a complete picture in my head of each and every one of you; more like a general kind of appearance thing. 🙂
    “Rouler” may be correct as well. It may be one of those formal/informal things French has. I grew up in Baton Rouge, then my wife & I lived in New Orleans for 6 years (she grew up there) before we moved to Dallas. I simply recall always seeing it spelled with the “z” on the end…

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