On Amazon’s search engine

I have come to the conclusion–and many of you may be wondering what took me so long–that Amazon’s search engine could be vastly improved. Viz: I enter “Politically Incorrect Guide to American History” in the search field, with the pull-down menu set to Books. In the first page of results, nada. By inserting “The” at the beginning of the search phrase, the book pops up as the number one item returned. One would think that the search phrase I originally entered would have been enough.
Likewise, I entered “Consumer’s Guide to a Brave New World” in the search field, again with Books selected in the pull-down menu, and again, got nothing returned in the first page of results. I entered the author’s name, “Wesley J. Smith,” and his tome appears as the first search result. Only it has a capital “A” in the title. Again, the original search phrase should have been enough for Amazon’s search engine to figure out what I wanted.