BBAutoComplete 1.4

Michael has released BBAutoComplete 1.4. BBAutoComplete gives you word auto-completion in scriptable applications like BBEdit, Mailsmith, Tex-Edit, and with the new version, Smile.
If I weren’t already using a combination of AutoPairs and TypeIt4Me, I would probably be using BBAutoComplete. The latter is “smarter” than TypeIt4Me in that TypeIt4me has to be “taught” the abbreviations and expansions to use in place of those abbreviations. BBAutoComplete guesses what you’re wanting to type by checking out expansions in your app’s open docs. For most of my typing needs, though, especially in the apps BBAutoComplete supports, I simply have no need for it. Programmers, however, will find it a boon.
BBAutoComplete is freeware, and be sure to check out Michael’s excellent commercial software, SpamSieve and DropDMG, while you’re at it. Both are Retrophisch™ Recommends selections, and you can support a developer who gives back to the user community.