ATPM 11.03

The March issue of About This Particular Macintosh is now available for your viewing pleasure.
Ellyn opens with a look at a life in–or on, rather–Jeopardy, and Wes’s Bloggable delves in to the issue of Napster’s resurgence, as well as noting other happenings in the Macosphere.
Lee weighs in with the second edition of Pod People, and reader David Blumenstein shares his switching story. Ted wraps up his look at outlining task managers, a favorite mini-series of mine, though I’m not sure if I’m any closer to selecting any sort of app to help me in this arena than I was when he started writing it. Marcus J. Albers offers some hints and tips toward getting the most out of OS X.
Andrew reviews the addictive Apeiron, and Chris Lawson examines the Cobra.XM from BOOQ. Michael runs LaunchBar 4 through its paces. While LaunchBar has long been a staple in my computing toolbox, I do have my eye on Quicksilver. I actually learned something new from Michael’s review, and I’m pleased to see that like a fine wine, LaunchBar is getting better with age.
Conversely, Chris was rather disappointed with PolyRingtone Converter, in his words, “a good idea ruined by a horrible interface and poor features.” Finally, Eric puts WireTap Pro through the wringer to test its audio-capturing capabilities.
A new chapter begins in the Cortland saga, and Frisky Freeware notes my favorite IRC client, Conversation. Lee has generously donated some inspiring cloud photos for the desktop pictures section this month. (My favorite is “clouds-6.jpg”.)
Yours truly was supposed to have a book review in this issue, but writer’s block and a sick toddler this past week foiled my attempts at finishing it. (Hey, don’t laugh about the writer’s block; I don’t want my review to be a simple regurgitation of the table of contents.) Look for it, and other awesome stuff from the staff, next month.