Hitler was a leftist

So I noticed Tom posted his score on a “Are you a Republican?” meme. With the knowledge that I do lean to the right of center, and have voted mostly Republican since being old enough to vote, I knew my score would probably be higher than Tom’s, but went to look at the “test” anyway.
Question 4 seems to be a typical leftist shot at the right:

4) Hitler.

  • Typical of the Patriarchy.
  • The ultimate Republican.
  • A brilliant but sadly deranged leader.
  • He had the right idea.

The left likes to equate the current Bush administration, and any conservative they don’t care for, with Adolf Hitler. This is quite laughable, mainly because Hitler was a leftist.
Nazism was/is a left-of-center ideal. The term “Nazi” came from “National Socialist”. Socialism, as we all should know, is a left-of-center ideal, closely related to Communism. The original party, formed in 1919, was the German Workers Party (sounds very Karl Marx, doesn’t it?). After exerting major influence within the party, Hitler and his cabal changed the name to the National Socialist German Workers Party. Socialist. Left of center. The Nazis, through Hitler, nationalized most, if not all of Germany’s industry. How very Marxist/Leninist of them. Left of center.
Quite frankly, I’m tired of those of us on the right being compared to the Nazis. Right-of-center value systems didn’t spawn something on the order of 50 million people being killed in the 20th century. Left-of-center “value” systems did.