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About those Club Gitmo detainees

Christopher Orlet has a reminder on just who these detainees are, for the benefit of those in America with long-term memory issues.

These are the “victims” we have detained at Guantanamo Bay. Of course Americans who fell into the hands of Taliban and al Qaeda have never once complained about being cursed at or having their holy book desecrated. That’s because it’s hard to complain when you’ve had your throat slit and your head cut off.

The detainee’s biggest gripe remains the high temperatures. This from former Taliban foot soldiers who lived in rocky crags of the Afghani desert. Yes, the heat is awful on the Caribbean beach. That’s why Americans and Europeans spend millions of dollars annually to vacation there.

By all means we should shut down Guantanamo Bay. Then open a new camp at Point Barrow, Alaska, where there will be no more complaining about the hot ocean breezes, and no problems with prisoners throwing urine (because it will be frozen), and where we won’t need Pine-Sol since germs are inactive in subzero temperatures. As for chair tossing, Muslims would probably prefer Turkish carpets to steels chairs anyway. I know the MPs would.

Fortunately there is often a common sense solution to every problem.