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Rabbi Aryeh Spero is mad

The good rabbi isn’t afraid–like so many in our nation, including the President, I’m disappointed to say–to call a spade a spade:

We were victorious during WW II because daily we were fighting a concrete, named enemy: Germany, Hitler, Nazism, and the German people supportive of the above. In contrast, today, those who show the face of the enemy are called racists. Consequently, we have chosen to call it not what it is — a war against radical Islam — but a war against terrorism, a raceless entity.

Though in all other investigations, evidence, history, and “most-likely” are the tools used to stop the next likely perpetrator, today’s political correctness labels such common sense detective work as “profiling” — the latest concoction of racism. Better to remain less protected and maybe die than to be a profiler or be called a racist. That is how silly we’ve become. Silly people do not, over the long run, win wars.