Of course they made Jarhead in to a movie

Anthony Swofford’s book Jarhead, which I will not link to, was a sad account of a mentally disturbed–which Swofford admits to–man’s time in the Marine Corps and his deployment to the first Gulf War. Panned by myriad current and former Marines as riddled with half-truths, the book became a minor cause célèbre for the mouth-foamers on the angry Left. Anything that is anti-military, especially when it’s written by someone who was in the military, is always accepted as gospel by the radicals. Brad Torgersen has a good summation.
So of course the book was optioned for a motion picture, which debuts in November. Looking over the cast of characters, and knowing their politics, I’m not the least bit surprised to see who signed on. Non-mouth-foamers are advised to pass.