Bye-bye TrackBack

I’ve disabled TrackBack on this blog and on Godblog. Two reasons have brought about this change. First, the TrackBack spammers have gotten out of control. SpamLookup is heading them all off at the pass, and none are getting published (thanks, moderation pref), but it’s taking up too much of my time to moderate them to Junk status and delete.
Second, I can count on one hand the number of folks who have trackbacked to Retrophisch, and on two hands the number of times they have done so. I sincerely appreciate these, but for the two handfuls of legitimate pings I’m getting, it’s not worth keeping open and dealing with the spam. Godblog’s managed only a single trackback, so the same logic applies.
This will not prevent me from giving trackback love to those who deserve it. Comments are still open and their use encouraged.

One thought on “Bye-bye TrackBack

  1. As one who has generated some of those few legit trackbacks, here’s my thinking: my tiny little blog doesn’t enjoy huge amounts of reader traffic–let alone linkage. In the rare event I do receive a trackback, I’m thrilled and am, at least for the time being, willing to deal with the TB spam. Renaming mt TB address from time to time helps keep it somewhat managable.

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