Four on the floor

Our team had to do something in our fourth game of the fall season that it hadn’t had to do in the first three games: come from behind to take the win. Our foes from Faith Lutheran played a solid game and took an early six-run lead. It wasn’t until the end of the second inning that we were able to tie things up, but Faith Lutheran kept extending their lead. Our defense eventually was able to hold their scoring while our offense caught up.
Getting the last at-bat as the home team helped us immensely. Going in to the bottom of the fifth, the score was tied 12-12. Heather led off, and when the throw to first was flubbed, she was able to take second. Kevin was next up, and the game ended on a walk-off bunt/error. Kevin wasn’t trying to bunt, mind you, that’s just the way it turned out. The pitcher flubbed the throw to first, and Heather rounded third to score and end the game.
I only played half the game, due to the number of guys who showed up, and only got one at-bat. I made it count, however, getting my first extra-base hit of the season, a double, and scoring a run when Dave moved from second to home. Fielding was a mixed performance. I had some great catches, including a line drive and foul pop-up I had to hustle to snag, but had just as many flubbed grounders. It was just one of those games.