Less than half a season to go

This past weekend marked game six of our fall season, so now we only have four to go. I missed game five, due to a shin injury I sustained in game four. The team lost a heartbreaker, so at the midpoint of the season, we were 4-1.
With game six, we started over playing against the other teams in our league, and just as with game one, this go-around we were up against the kids from First UMC of Lewisville. We’re going to have to keep our eyes on these boys and girls; they’re getting better the more they play, and we had to fight every inning, eeking out the win by three runs.
I was at third the entire game this time, but didn’t see much action, other than some forced outs at my bag. My time at the plate was barely above the suckage level, as I went one for three, a bunt single that wasn’t intended to be a bunt. Apparently, I’m faster than I look, too, managing to leg that out to get on base. One of my teammates remarked, at the end of the inning, “Man, you were fast!” Somebody clock me next time.
So the team stands at 5-1, and through the miracle of math multiples, my season batting average and my lifetime average are the same: .583. I’m 7-12 for the season, and 21-36 lifetime. See, kids? Math is cool. Study hard.