It’s nominating time…again…

Harriet’s out. There will be speculation on whether she acted one hundred percent unilaterally, or if this is just the way the administration is spinning it. It doesn’t really matter.
Now the contemplation begins on who the President will put forth as the replacement for Justice O’Connor. A common refrain from the Left has been that a woman should be nominated, to replace a woman. I have no problem with that.
Janice Rogers Brown is my personal pick. A woman, and a minority woman at that. The Left should be quite happy with that, no? Of course not, because Justice Brown is conservative, and based upon her record, mostly an originalist when it comes to constitutional matters. Obviously, this means she is radically out of the mainstream, and not fit for the robes of a Supreme.
It would be fun just to watch the Democrats and their radical left backers fall all over themselves trying to figure out how to disparage a black woman being elevated to the highest court in the land.