Always a bridesmaid…

Today was the last game of the fall softball season. We went in to our game tied for first with our opponent, Trietsch Memorial UMC. It was a disaster, and we lost 12-2, finishing second–again–and in a tie with Flower Mound UMC, who won the game before ours to also finish 7-3.
For reasons she failed to explain to anyone, our coach decided to shift half the team to positions they hadn’t played all season. (For some of us, ever.) Due to the overabundance of male personnel, I split time with Eric at first base. I have never played first base. I’ve played a little second, done time behind the plate, but mostly I’ve always played shortstop and my mainstay, third base. I don’t do the outfield, and I don’t pitch. But today, I’m put at first.
And at third? One of our ladies, who usually pitches or plays first. Our left fielder got moved to right.
My first inning on defense, I noted to the coach that the baseline was on the wrong side. How prophetic this would prove to be later in the game. Hitter puts a shot down the line, right to our girl on third. She corrals it and fires it toward first, but she’s wide to my left. I’m used to playing the bag with my right foot on it, because usually I’m at third and throws are coming from short or the outfield. So, being a creature of habit, where’s my right foot? On the bag. Stretching and shifting to try to make the catch, and keeping my right foot on the bag, I move in to the baseline and collide with the runner. Yeah, my bad. Sue me for not thinking more about the position I’ve never played in before. The runner gets an extra bag, they score a run, and I get a bruised knee and take myself out for the rest of the inning.
Our lady at third had problems throwing to first the entire game. I don’t blame her; she was in a position she had never played in before.
Only two at bats for yours truly, and I was .500 today, with a single.
It was an extremely frustrating game. This is not to say that if none of these changes would have been made that the outcome would have been different. Trietsch was hitting well, and our hitters kept putting them out to their talented left fielder. But you have to wonder how this sudden change, for what amounts to the championship game, had on our collective subconscious. Uncomfortable players don’t play well. I, for one, was uncomfortable.
We’ll see what happens in the spring.