Inquiring minds want to know

Craig Shirley:

Please explain to me how our children have had no school yesterday and today so that the Teachers Unions can go out and organize for Democratic candidates — but the schools will be open on Friday when the federal Government and most offices will be closed to commemorate our nation’s war heroes?
This must be an East Coast (West, too?) thing, or perhaps confined to Shirley’s home state (Virginia?). The kids were in school yesterday and are today in DFW.

3 thoughts on “Inquiring minds want to know

  1. As was the case for my own polling place today. Yet why did the teachers in Shirley’s case need off yesterday? You can make the argument to shut down the schools on the day of the election, but why the day before? Convenience certainly isn’t the reason; households with two working parents would be up in arms over having to find child care two days in a row.
    At the elementary school where I voted today, the voting took place on the stage of the cafetorium. They had the curtain on the stage closed, and the stage entrance was directly across the hall from the administrative offices, which are right inside the front door. Minimal disruption of school activities, minimal contact between voters and the schoolchildren. If we can do it here, anyone else can do it at their school.

  2. Never heard of it in Mass or NH. I always had school as a kid, though gym was cancelled cause of the voting booths. My mom’s always worked on election day.

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