MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro.
MacBook Pro.
MacBook Pro.
MacBook Pro.
How soon do you think it will take for a spoof ad to show up that shows the new Intel-powered Macintosh portable, with the golden arches in place of the Apple logo, and the tagline “Do you want fries with that?”
I realize this may be part of some new marketing scheme by our favorite fruit company to get “Mac” into all of its Macintosh product names. It’s just shocking that Steve and Company would ditch “PowerBook,” which has for so long almost been a brand unto itself, not unlike “iPod”.

3 thoughts on “MacBook Pro

  1. The “Power” portion of the title refers, in the last several generations to the PowerPC processor it contains.
    No longer does the Apple Laptop form-factor bear a PowerPC core. So, really, they had to leave the Power nomenclature with the chip. So yeah, they had to rename it, but if you think the name is really going to deter purchases, I think you’re:
    A) Deluded
    B) Placing too much in a name
    People who want a Mac, want a Mac. They don’t want it because of a coveted name (unless they’re searching for an iPod, which is a whole other issue), they want what the machine does.

  2. While the PowerPC processor explanation may fly for the “last several generations”, it does nothing to explain the reasoning why from the very beginning the line-up was called “PowerBook”. Apple wanted to convey a sense of empowerment to PowerBook users, I believe, and there was some marketing voodoo involved: “Oh, you have a Compaq C10T? I have a PowerBook.” Words do mean things.
    The processor explanation you mention really came in to being when the desktop line switched over to PowerPC chips. That’s when the Macintosh became the Power Macintosh, and later just Power Mac.
    Seeing as how the PowerBook bore its moniker before it contained a PowerPC processor, I don’t see any reason why it needs to change simply because we’ve moved beyond PowerPC processors.
    I never said the new name is going to deter purchases. Quite the contrary, I think they will be in short supply for a good while, due to demand. I would love to order one. So I’m not deluded, though I will grant you I may be placing a tad too much in a name. 😉

  3. Names get associated with specific things. Was the powerbook name good? Yes, absolutely. But its race was run. It’s time to move on. Is Mac Book Pro the best name? Absolutely not.
    Are the machines worthy successors? Surely.
    Why are we arguing over the name? Is that all we can find to criticize with the new laptop?
    If this is what we’re focusing on, the rest is already done.
    Apple’s trying to refocus their marketing on their brand: the Mac. The power is implied.

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