WalkAmerica 2006

Yes, folks, it’s that time of year again. One of my favorite charities is having its annual fundraiser, and you–yes, you–can be a part of it. “How?” you might ask.
Easy: sponsor me. My goal this year is to raise $110 before WalkAmerica 2006 here in Dallas on April 29th. So we have just under two months to get there.
So, if you’re a friend of mine, or a family member, and want to save yourself the anguish of my hitting you up for a charitable donation every time we chat, just hit the link now.
This charity is near and dear to our hearts, as our little guy came nine weeks early, and we had first-hand experience with some of the work the March of Dimes does for preemies. Please help us help other preemies!
Update: Just to show you I put my money where my mouth is, I’ve kicked things off with a $25 donation. With $5-10 here and there, we’ll reach the goal of $110 in no time. No excuses about being poor college students, etc. Skip the pizza and beer for one sitting, and your donation’s paid for.
Update 2: Thanks to the generous spirits of some of my friends, we have already blown past the goal of $110 to reach $125. I’ve now doubled the goal to $220. Thanks so much to those who have given!