ATPM 12.08

The August issue of About This Particular Macintosh is now available.
Wes kicks things off by noting in this month’s Bloggable that we still really don’t have much to discuss in the Mac blogosphere but the departure of Pilgrim and Doctorow from the Mac-using citizenry. My hunch is that Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference is going to change that very shortly.
The plenteous Mark Tennent is tired of all the beeping in the world, and wishes Apple would turn its interface design skills loose on washers, dryers, and car radios. He’d also like to see a new sort of computer expo, where systems could be tested, real world-style, much like the test drive of an automobile before purchase.
Publisher, editor-in-chief, developer, hiker, and all-around nice guy Michael Tsai returns to the pages of ATPM with a look at Mac OS X’s increasing stability. Miraz Jordan continues her series on web accessiblity, this time putting Sandvox under the microscope. Sylvester is making good use of the summertime, cannonballing in to the world of Automator.
Angus Wong ponders the new Zune music player from Microsoft, and the notion of corporate character. Sylvester uses all of that Automator learning to send automated birthday greetings. ATPM reader Robert Reis traveled to Germany to cheer on Trinidad & Tobago in the FIFA World Cup, and was kind enough to share some of his shots with us for this month’s desktop pictures selection.
Lee spends a good deal of time in InDesign, so he was a shoo-in for the review of O’Reilly’s Adobe InDesign CS2 One On One. Paul upgrades his home entertainment center with the addition of Elgato’s EyeTV 250, and, fittingly enough, the Sylvester Roque edition of ATPM closes with his review of the how-to book, Keep It Simple With GarageBand.
We have several open positions on the ATPM staff, and we’re looking to add regular reviewers to our stable of writers. If you’re interested, please [drop us a line]( Writer).