ATPM 12.09

The September issue of About This Particular Macintosh is now available for your reading pleasure.
Wes examines the kerfluffle du jour in the Mac blogosphere, that of the supposed Airport wi-fi hack which, as more and more evidence is examined, appears to be a complete fake. It’s a shame that this falsehood had to be propagated at the same time Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference was going on.
In the offering is another double dose from Mark, who looks at the power of the press when it comes to a conflict resolution, and the trickle-down effect of broadband access in the United Kingdom. Ted discusses new business models, as they pertain to the outlining community, holding up Hog Bay’s Mori as an example, in this month’s ATPO.
Chuck takes a break from showing you how to get more out of FileMaker, and instead offers a roundup of what’s new in the newly-released FileMaker Pro 8.5. Miraz Jordan continues her look at development tools that can make pages which meet basic standards for Web accessibility, this time giving RapidWeaver the what-for. If you’re interested in running Classic Mac software on your Intel Mac, Chuck shows you how in this month’s How To section.
This month’s desktop pictures are again brought to us courtesy of Robert Reis. These photos of the rolling German countryside were taken during Robert’s recent trip to Deutschland for the World Cup.
Matthew takes the PowerPC-only Guest PC for a spin, while Ellyn decided to talk to her computer this month. She was reviewing iListen after all. Lee examines the TVMax and TVMicro from Miglia, and Wes looks at the very interesting WriteRoom, which will be getting its own workout on phischbowl computing systems.
As usual, you can read the latest issue of ATPM online, or in one of three other formats. We aim to please.