Fall season opener

This past Sunday, the 27th, we had the first softball game of the 2006 fall season.
I am continuously amazed how we can go three months without seeing one another, except for those rare moments at church, and yet fall right back in to the same banter and camaraderie in the dugout.
This first game was against the Renegades of First UMC in Lewisville, and we were behind from the first inning on. The banter and camaraderie may have returned, but our playing ability was lacking. Still, we fought on, keeping the score close throughout.
I found myself at left center, where I had played only a couple of times before. We only had the minimum number of players show up, five of each gender, so there were no substitutions available. I don’t mind the outfield, though I need to get my arm strength up, and it would help if I dropped some of my excess baggage–of which there is now ten less pounds–to make it easier to get around the grassy expanse beyond the baselines. I made one great catch; the ball hung up there forever, in the sun, but in the end, I barely had to move at all, just concentrating and not losing sight of that white sphere. I also had a bad error, not squaring myself in front of a hopper, and it bounced right over my glove, allowing an in-the-park home run.
My time at the plate was pretty abysmal, especially considering I’d hit the cages the morning before. I went one for three at bat, but made it to first twice, thanks to a throwing error by the opposition shortstop.
In the end, our team staged a fifth-inning comeback–home team advantage comes through again!–scoring three runs to win the game by one. We were pleased with our hanging in to the end, and hopefully this game cleared all of the cobwebs from our collective play. No games this coming weekend, due to the holiday, so we’ll have to wait until the tenth to face our friends from Flower Mound UMC.