Inviting the spies to the party

Recall the various pokes of fun Jobs and company took at Microsoft last month during Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference? They’re fresh in my mind, because yesterday I listened to Jobs’ keynote; it was included in Engadget’s podcast line-up, I’m a few episodes behind, and I figured, even though I knew all of the contained info from reading reports on the web, what the hell.
A thought which hit me out of the blue a few moments ago, while I was cleaning dishes, of all things, is this:
More than once, Jobs and company would say something to the effect of “We have other really cool new features coming in Leopard, but we don’t want to share them here because Microsoft may try to copy them in to Vista.” (Vista is, in case you’ve been in a cave with Osama, the next, long-delayed version of Windows. Leopard is the next version of Mac OS X.)
Problem: Who is the largest developer for the Mac OS outside of Apple?
Problem #2: Do you think Microsoft, being the largest developer outside of Apple, didn’t send programmers to WWWDC?
Problem #3: Did not all developers attending WWDC receive the Leopard Developer Preview?
So I guess the jokes are just for those still trapped inside the RDF.