Introducing EagleFiler

Once again, I’ve had the pleasure of being “present at the creation” of one of Michael’s software endeavors. EagleFiler is an information collection and management application that’s super easy to use. Dump whatever you want to in to this thing: plain text, rich text, PDFs, web archives, emails, images; pretty much any digital document you can create.
EagleFiler icon EagleFiler differs from a lot of its competition in that it stores its library in Finder format, so your documents are not locked in to a database or someone’s proprietary storage system. Did you dump a rich text file in to EagleFiler, but you want to do some heavy editing to it? No problem: you can open it in Word, TextEdit, or the word processor of your choice, make your changes, save it, and you’ll see the changes in EagleFiler.
As has been the case with pretty much all of Michael’s software initiatives, this one was born out of his own desire for an app to do something that no other app was currently doing. He and I have talked about an application like EagleFiler for a few years now, mostly because nothing out there satisfied us when it came to email archiving. (Here’s a secret about both Michael and myself: we’re digital pack rats, and he’s worse than I am. He saves every email he sends and receives. Every one.) We’re both Mailsmith users, but the larger the app’s database gets, the more of a performance drag it incurs. Offloading either individual emails, or entire mail boxes, helps, and EagleFiler is the first application I’ve felt safe with to do just that.
I’ve been using EagleFiler full time since mid-August, when the first alpha version was released to the merry little band of testers of which I’m honored to be a part. It’s been rock-solid for me every step of the way, even as the testers suggested, and Michael added, new features through the app’s development. Go download EagleFiler and try it for thirty days, gratis. Then, show your appreciation for Michael’s hard work by registering the app, and support a developer of quality Mac software.