WalkAmerica 2007

Well, I suppose this is as good a time as any…
Fundraising for the March of Dimes’ WalkAmerica has begun, and once again, the missus and I will be walking with the tyke (who will be riding in a running stroller).
In an attempt to get the jump on raising donations over my wife (we have a friendly competition), I’ll point you to my personal WalkAmerica page. (Said jump will likely last as long as it takes from this post’s publication to her reading it, so we’re talking sixty seconds to a couple of weeks, folks.) Any amount is greatly appreciated. I’ve also placed a March of Dimes badge at the top of the blog’s sidebar, so you can come to my site at any time and click on that to donate.
You were all very generous last year, blowing through the first, second, and third fundraising goals I set, so I’m raising the bar this year: $400. Yes, four hundred measly dollars, but four hundred bucks that could do a world of good. And I’m starting with $25 of my own, so that only leaves $375 for the rest of you to pick up. Should be a snap, right? Right!
The walk is in April, so you have plenty of time, but why wait for me to annoy you to make a donation? 😉
Thanks, all!