Yeah, I’ll be heading back next week

So, with the spring softball season upon us, I went to the batting cages this afternoon. After a four-month-plus layoff.
The experience started out rather nice. I asked for three tokens (20 balls per token) and forked over my five bucks. The attendant “miscounted” and I went to the cages with four tokens. Must be a slow day.
The first twenty balls were all about just connecting and getting timing down. The second set of twenty were the best of the day, and I was putting them where I wanted to, more or less. After a brief respite, I started on the third set, and could tell I was tiring midway through. Another rest, then the fourth set, and I was pretty much hitting every ball back to the pitcher or shortstop. Mental note: longer rests between sets next time, which would help if other people went with me.
It actually was a slow day at the cages. There was a guy in the other slow-pitch cage, and he left when I started on my third set. There was a guy and gal taking turns in the 75 mph baseball cage, and a mom watched her son in one of the slower-speed baseball cages. So I appreciated the fourth token, even if it didn’t yield desirable results.

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