ATPM 13.04

The April issue of About This Particular Macintosh is now available.
Chris Dudar, the staff’s resident 3D artist, provides us with some great cover art this month. Good work, Chris!
Wes kicks things off by noting the response from a lot of the tech crowd to Windows Vista: yawn. Those that have given a flip have turned on those who don’t care for it, like Chris Pirillo, and prominent switchers think it’s time for Pirillo to get a Mac. This and more in Wes’s monthly blogosphere roundup. Mike notes that while it’s not all all roses all the time with Macs, it still beats the alternative.
Mark notes that there is scientific evidence that size does matter. For display size, you plebeians! Display size! Sheesh… Ed returns with another GTD column, focusing on the hunting/gathering aspects of information collection. Lee continues Photoshop for the Curious, this month exploring levels and curves. Miraz looks at the browser side of things when it comes to web accessibility.
Chris Lawson manages to tie together Billy Madison, blogging, reviews, and business ethics, all in one tidy package. Lee provides us with this month’s desktop pictures, shot in New England in 1997. In this month’s Cortland, our hero finds himself traveling to other dimensions, while persons from other dimensions travel to ours, and the Dark Lord I.T. is trying to travel to other dimensions, or our dimension, or…Heck, there’s just a lot of dimension-traveling going on this month!
Matthew picks apart the open-source sound editor, Audacity, while Lawson pores over an accessory many a business traveler will want to take a look at, the Keynamics Aviator Laptop Stand. Linus plays around with Dodge That Anvil!, and Lee is less than impressed with the new HomeDock Deluxe from DLO. Ed peruses Joe Kissell’s Take Control of Mac OS X Backups 2.0, a tome I heartily recommend. And the man that leads off the April issue closes it out for us, as Chris Dudar reviews the app that helped make this month’s cover art, Wings3D.
As always, ATPM is available in a wide range of choices for your reading pleasure.