Apple: The not-so-premium brand after all

Wherein I shamelessly plug my favorite computing platform.
DealMac has a post where they put three systems in a head-to-head-to-head competition for specificationss and price. The systems? The Sony VAIO VGC-LS37E All-In-One Desktop PC, the HP TouchSmart IQ770 Desktop PC, and Apple’s iMac. The verdict? The iMac comes in cheaper than both of the PCs, and it trumps them both in the specs department. Not to mention the iMac is the best-looking of the three, and you get to use the best operating system in the world, instead of Windblows Windows.
So answer me again on why you’d want to use a Windows machine? Avoid the heartache, people–believe me, with a spouse insisting on bringing a new Dull in to our household, for her use, I’m well acquainted with the heartache–and just buy a Mac.