So it’s okay to name your sons Muhammad, but…

From the Religion of Peace™ Department:
A fifty-four year-old English woman, a teacher at a school in Sudan, has been arrested for allowing her students–seven and eight year-olds–to name a teddy bear “Muhammad”.
The article notes, “It is seen as an insult to Islam to attempt to make an image of the Prophet Muhammad.” This seems to be a fundamental problem with Islam: Allah and Muhammad appear to be really, really insecure. I’m trying to discern the logic with which the determination is made that by merely naming a teddy bear “Muhammad”, this somehow is the equivalent of “making an image of the Prophet”. Really? Yet it’s perfectly okay to name your male offspring–living, breathing humans, just like the former Prophet himself–“Muhammad”. Is not the latter more of “an image of the Prophet” than a teddy bear?
Jesus gets insulted all the time, yet you don’t see Christians running around, throwing the insulters in jail, threatening them with jail time and physical beatings (these are known in the land of sharia as “lashes”). You don’t hear about Christians burning mosques down around the world, because the Islamists declare Jesus to have only been a prophet, and not the Son of God; it’s always the Muslims burning down the churches.
If Allah is as merciful as Muslims claim him to be, you’d think he wouldn’t really care all that much that someone might name a teddy bear after his chief prophet.