ATPM 14.05

The May issue of About This Particular Macintosh is now available for your reading pleasure.
Wes has a great round-up of the Mac blogosphere’s reaction to the Psystar Mac clone, as well as bits on Adobe Creative Suite, e-mail clients, Apple’s proceeds from Google referrals, profitability of potential iPhone software sales, and user interfaces. Finally, the blog about the column returns as Son of Bloggable. It’s about time, Wes!
Mark’s understandably unhappy with actions of the MBG (Britian’s RIAA), and notes the fallacy of DRM in light of the closing of MSN Music. Ed has a revised list of GTD applications in this month’s Next Action, while Lee dodges and burns up Photoshop for the Curious.
This month’s desktop pictures are courtesy of David Siebecker, and are from a six-day hike through New Hampshire’s White Mountains. All seems lost for Cortland and company as Lisa makes a last bid for victory, any way she can take it.
Yours truly pounds out a review on Apple’s latest keyboard, while Linus grills Blue Crab. Sylvester is impressed with Drive Genius 2, while ATPM’s Official Pilot™, Flight Officer Lawson, puts the Flipp Premium Leather Case for his iPod through its paces. ATPM is a labor of love, with no staffer receiving compensation, so we really can’t complain when Paul takes time to play with SpacePig.
As always, About This Particular Macintosh is available in a variety of formats for maximum reader comfort. Thanks for reading!