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“Special site for Nikon’s next-generation D-SLR, the D90. This features detailed product information and a variety of sample images, as well as movies captured with the D90’s new innovative movie function, D-Movie.”
The first digital SLR to shoot movies. And they’re pretty impressive movies, considering it’s a dSLR and not a dedicated video camera.
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bradandgeo: ‘cognitive surplus’ and the church…
“And when people come out of this stupor, what you find is people not wanting a passive, received religion, but a spirituality that they are a part of, or as the article says, an ‘architecture of participation’. And this is ironic because this is exactly the same shift that needed to happen 2000 years ago – the shift from one priest to the ‘priesthood of all believers’; the shift from a few select leaders to a plurality of ‘gifts’ making up the body as a whole.”
This certainly engaged my gray matter…
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