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The 50,000 Pairs in 50 Days Challenge • Soles4Souls

The 50,000 Pairs in 50 Days Challenge • Soles4Souls
“Soles4Souls is a charity dedicated to donating shoes to the poor via shoe drive, shoe drop, giving shoes to children, disaster relief, shoe help. Donate shoes to help shoe charity.”
$5 buys two pairs of shoes, so it’s a donation nearly anyone can make.
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Phil Vischer’s latest project, currently in beta.
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Civic Literacy Report – Civics Quiz

Civic Literacy Report -  Civics Quiz
From the Intercollegiate Studies Institute:
“Are you more knowledgeable than the average citizen? The average score for all 2,508 Americans taking the following test was 49%; college educators scored 55%. Can you do better? Questions were drawn from past ISI surveys, as well as other nationally recognized exams.”
Yours truly scored 81.82%, or 27 out of 33 questions.
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How to Get Rich « blog maverick

How to Get Rich « blog maverick
“But whatever you can save, save it. As much as you possibly can. Then put it in 6 month CDs in the bank.
“The first step to getting rich is having cash available. You arent saving for retirement. You are saving for the moment you need cash. Buy and hold is a suckers game for you. This market is a perfect example. Right at the very moment when cash creates unbelievable opportunity, those who followed the buy and hold strategy have no cash. they cant or wont sell into markets this low, that kills the entire point of buy and hold. Those who have put their money in CDs sleep well at night and definitely have more money today than they did yesterday. And because they are smart, disciplined shoppers, their personal rate of inflation is within their means. Cash is king for those wanting to get rich”
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