links for 2009-02-25

  • "My name is Mike Kobold, I'm a watchmaker and an armchair explorer. Unlike some of the hard-core professionals who wear my watches -divers, astronauts and explorers- I'm pretty much just a regular guy. Like most people, I have downfalls, shortcomings, and a number of irrational fears. For one, I'm scared of heights and am therefore risk-averse. I have ADD and am mildly dyslexic. Food is my downfall and I eat considerably more chocolate than anyone should. My job is sedentary and so is my lifestyle.

    "Yet I've made it my goal to climb to the summit of Mount Everest. How do I go from here to there? Training and nutrition only get you so far, which is why I'm having to learn to control my fears and to overcome my weaknesses. My goal is to raise money for the Navy SEAL Warrior Fund. Because even a regular guy should do his part to help those who have risked their lives in the line of duty."