ATPM 15.09

After a couple-month hiatus from my usual blog posting announcing publication, I’m pleased to note the September issue of About This Particular Macintosh is now available for your reading pleasure.
After more than twenty years of self-employment, Mark finds himself in the company of, well, a company, and is exasperated by the many instances of “anti-time” he is encountering. Oh, and he misses his Mac. (Who wouldn’t?) Angus performs some fortune-telling as he gazes out over the technology sector.
Back in July, Lee took a 10-day excursion to merry ol’ England. (Technically it was the United Kingdom, as Wales and Scotland were visited too, but “merry ol’ United Kingdom” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.) While on his journey, he chose to forego taking along his trusted MacBook Pro, winging it solely with his jailbroken (ahem) iPhone.
In addition to providing us with his Mac-less trip experience, Lee also shares with readers this month’s desktop pictures. My favorites include Becky Falls, Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey 1. Matt showers another array of his new cartoon, Out at Five upon us; I really like “Difficult Printer” and “Get to the point”.
Chris finds a simple and inexpensive iPhone stand, while Linus wonders if Cram is the learning tool it’s cracked up to be. Chris also puts the In Your Face “flexible holder” for one’s iPhone through its paces.
It’s always handy to be able to power up one’s iPhone after a busy day of texting, mapping, web surfing, e-mailing, oh, and using that voice thingy that comes with it. No, not the Skype app. That thing that says Phone. Thus, Lee is pleased he can do so thanks to Griffin’s PowerBlock Reserve. Finally, Ellyn takes control of Safari 4 thanks to, um, Take Control of Safari 4, one of the latest titles from TidBITS Publishing’s Take Control e-book series.
As always, About This Particular Macintosh is available in a variety of formats for your reading enjoyment:
+ Online
+ Offline Webzine
+ Print-optimized PDF
+ Screen-optimized PDF