links for 2009-11-28

  • "This newly-updated site helps holiday shoppers find great gifts which do not have forced or child labor in their production. Featured companies are graded on the steps they take to actively prevent exploitation from occurring. Numerous industries are at risk for forced and child labor, such as apparel, electronics and toys, to name a few. We are linked to workers around the world by international supply chains, but no longer do consumers need to support companies that engage in high-risk sourcing practices."

  • "Texas and California are America’s two most populous states, together numbering approximately 55 million people, which is only about 6 million less than the United Kingdom, where I live. California, as everyone knows, has a coolness factor that Texas cannot match. Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and wine. Say no more. But, unless one has been living in a cave, everyone knows that the cool state is also the broke state. […]

    "Texas, on the other hand, is growing, creating wealth, and attracting the entrepreneurial and creative classes that too many people think only go to places like New York and California."

  • "Texas will become a magnet for new businesses by offering cheap land, a favorable regulatory environment, a business-friendly culture, and a large supply of skilled labor. Unless California revamps dramatically, expect to see its economy languish, even as the recovery takes off."