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Running out of the tunnel at Tiger Stadium

Since LSU had a bye week this weekend, here’s a sight not many get to see:

The video was shot with a HD helmet cam attached to Seth Mannon, at the start of the game against West Virginia earlier this season.


Life – The Type

As a closet typography nerd, it’s always fun to learn about a new typeface. Or, in this case, a new-to-me typeface. I’m enjoying the trend that’s shown up in book publishing the last few years where the reader is informed what type the book is set in.
Yesterday I finished Lee Child’s latest Jack Reacher novel, Worth Dying For, and at the end we’re introduced to the type of Life:

“The text of this book was set in Life, a typeface designed by W. Bilz, and jointly developed by Ludwig & Mayer and Francesco Simoncini 1965. This contemporary design is in the transitional style of the eighteenth century. Life is a versatile text face and is a registered trademark of Simoncini S.A.”
Here is how it looks in the book:

Life, the typeface

A version of Life can be can be purchased from Veer.


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  • "In God’s hands, your mistakes are not open cuts, they are healed scars that tell stories of great hope. They are not wounds to lie about, they are words other people need to hear. They are warning signs on roads your friends and family and neighbors are on. They are lighthouses in the midst of stormy weather. They are neon signs he uses to point the way toward repentance."

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