Hey Greg, have you seen The Guardian’s report on Nepalese workers slave work in Qatar working on the 2022 world cup?



It’s disgusting, but part of a longstanding problem in the region. Immigrant workers in Dubai have been brought over for years, essentially held hostage, forced to work as slave-labor, beaten or murdered when they try to collect their wages or leave; their communications back home are monitored and censored. And they’ve been dying on worksites, forced to labor without safety equipment or breaks.

It’s slavery. It’s nothing less than slavery, and it’s happening today, and it’s happening all over the world.

It’d be nice if we, as consumers/travelers, and as citizens of our nation holding our government accountable (ha!), could show our displeasure with more than mere words about this travesty. For now, however, like many, I am at a loss as to what that solution looks like, which makes it all the more frustrating.