The Equalizer is one of the handful of shows, along with The Sandbaggers and The Rockford Files amongst others, that had a huge influence on me growing up, and that still leak into my work in both large and small ways.

I knew when this was announced that it would bear little to no resemblance to the original Edward Woodward series, but seeing this first trailer, I’m tentatively optimistic that they seem to have captured at least some of the feel of the original series, and there’s at least two callbacks to the show that I spotted. Loved the appearance of McCall’s weapon room, for instance (and its existence gives some measure of lie to his monologue at the end of the trailer).

Also, if Melissa Leo is playing Control, I will be in heaven.

I have fond memories of watching The Rockford Files, in re-runs, with my grandfather. I came to The Equalizer late in the series, but really enjoyed it.

This looks like it’s got some potential.