iPhone home screen, 6 September 2016

Awesome new background image by Mike Mitchell, and how about that kick-butt nvNotes 3 icon?


On the hunt  

by snatti89


Just making sure…

Still not canon. But it’s the Fett, so…


Boba Fett by skottieyoung

My favorite Star Wars character sketched by one of my favorite artists? Like I wasn’t going to reblog this…

Prototype Boba Fett Black Series figure revealed!

Only in the six-inch size, but I’ll definitely be saving my pennies for it.


This early concept for Boba Fett, created by Joe Johnston, shows the Bounty Hunter in all white armor used later in screen-testing.


Kai Lim Paints Grown-Up Star Wars Scenes the Way They Should Be [Art]

Lim has some absolutely amazing work.


Artist of the Week – Tim and Greg Hildebrant

Fett. The Hildebrants. ‘Nuff said.


Artist of the Week – John Alvin

Like this comes across my screen and doesn’t get reblogged.


Star Wars Noir posters by Dean Reeves

Fett just seems really cut out for the noir scene, doesn’t he?