Travis Charest – Darth Vader


This is, unquestionably, the greatest moment I’ve ever read in any piece of Star Wars media. It shook me to the core going through this panel-by-panel on ComiXology. Holy. Shit. So. Good.


Impressive. Most Impressive. Get a first look at Alex Ross’ variant cover for Star Wars: Darth Vader #1, coming soon from Marvel!


Darth Vader by Walter Simonson

From Simonson:

I always thought it was too bad that David Prowse didn’t get to play Darth Vader unmasked.  Don’t know the score about that really, but I decided to do a illustration of David, more or less as he is now, as the dying Vader at the end of third movie.

Drawn with a Pentel .9mm automatic pencil on 100 lb vellum surface paper.


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Hope to read our copy to my younger boys tonight!


Machines of Domination & Through The Fire by Raymond Swanland


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Click here to download a printable PDF of this poster on our blog.


Detailed Mosaics of ‘Star Wars’ Characters Created Using Tens of Thousands of Multi-Colored Staples


Help Leia get through to her father… 

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Artist of the Week – Adam Hughes