One of the Expedition 39 crew members aboard the International Space Station used a 14mm lens on a digital still camera to photograph this pre-winter storm located just off the coast of southwestern Australia on March 29, 2014. A solar array panel on the orbital outpost is in the left side of the frame.

Photo credit: NASA. Found at The Atlantic: InFocus.


Blast Off!, Spiegel Online, Picture This. Credit: Agence France-Presse.

Caption: Ever wondered what a rocket launch looks like up close? Like this. The image was taken during the launch of the Soyuz rocket carrying an American astronaut and two Russian cosmonauts from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on Wednesday. The trio is bound for the International Space Station. They were supposed to arrive not long after their launch, but a thruster failure meant the initial attempt to dock was unsuccessful. The Soyuz capsule is now expected to hook up with the ISS on Thursday night.



NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg is a self proclaimed crafter. A week ago she made a stuffed dinosaur from scraps on the space station. The little T-rex is made form the lining of Russian food containers and the toy is stuffed with scraps from an old T-shirt. While many toys have flown into space, this is the first produced in space.

Photos: Karen Nyberg, via CollectSpace

So awesome. Just so awesome.