First time he’s pulled himself all the way up! (Taken with instagram)

This is the way a parent always wants to be greeted. on Flickr.

“One miiiillllion dollars!” on Flickr.

The boy cracks me up.

How long until pitchers and catchers report? on Flickr.

Getting some real laughs.

Of course, his giggles here aren’t nearly as hearty as they were just seconds before, before the camera made an appearance. Still, pretty great.

What I’m doing with my Christmas present. on Flickr.

Pretty much the best Christmas ever.

Introducing Nathaniel Pierre Turner on Flickr.

So I’m a few days late in posting this here, but here’s the new addition to our family. Getting his court ruling cleared and permission from the nuns to keep him overnight until, well, pretty much forever, since once the final paperwork clears, we don’t need anyone’s permission for that, pretty much made this year’s Thanksgiving the best ever.

Nathaniel was born April 1, 2011, and is seven months old in this photo. Pierre is what the nuns at the Home of Hope Orphanage named him, and is what will be his legal name on all of his Rwandan documentation, including his passport.

There is so much awesomeness here, I’m parentally giddy. (Taken with picplz.)

Three generations. (Taken with picplz.)

Another by-himself haircut going well! (Taken with picplz.)