On the latest episode of The Empowered Parent Podcast, we’re talking about fear responses, and how they drive behavior. (Ours, as well as our kids’.)

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Mike is completely correct.

There’s a new episode of The Empowered Parent Podcast out, and we’re talking about open adoptions.

The Empowered Parent Podcast Shelters in Place

Like most of our listeners, our families are sheltering in place, doing our best to remain in coronavirus quarantine except for venturing out for groceries and food. Ryan, Kayla, and I got together over Zoom to record a pair of episodes about our experiences, and I shot a promo video for these with my boys.

You can listen to the first of these two episodes here: https://empoweredparent.podbean.com/e/shelter-in-place-s07-e01/

I’ve also been informed this episode was downloaded over 1,000 times in the first 24 hours!