A little over two weeks ago, I joined the ranks of the bespeckled:

my new glasses

Eyemasters wanted $90 for the non-polarized clip-on sunglasses for them! Thanks to a tip from my dad, I picked up slip-on polarized lenses at Sam’s for 13 bucks. They don’t conform exactly to my lenses (they overlap slightly), but you can’t beat the performance for the price:
my new sunglasses

I have an astigmatism; according to my optometrist, I could have foregone getting glasses for another year, maybe more, but I decided to go for it now, while I have vision insurance! Sitting in front of computer screens 10+ hours a day, for both work and fun, as well as lots of reading for pleasure, helped spur the decision to get them now. I wasn’t really surprised; my dad’s worn glasses since I was a small child, and my mom has to wear them to read and drive, so it was inevitable.
The style is Chaps 51 by Ralph Lauren, just in case you’re so dazzled by them you want to rush out to get your own pair.