[Possible spoilers] So my lovely bride and I caught The Matrix Reloaded Saturday night. My overall feelings with the film mirror Jason Kottke’s.
In addition to what Jason has to say, allow me to add the following. As much as the production touted the Twins in teasers, trailers, and the like over the past few months, they didn’t have all that much screen time. This is a shame, since they are extremely cool characters, the likes of which we hadn’t seen within the Matrix.
The first hour of the movie would have been better with about 20 minutes taken out. We get that Trinity and Neo love one another deeply. We get that Zion’s having a big party to show they aren’t afraid of the machines. We don’t need it to drag out. I actually leaned over to my wife at one point and twiddled my thumbs.
All in all, it was an enjoyable flick, but nothing mind-blowing or earth-shattering, certainly not like the first film. The freeway chase was our favorite part of the movie. I’m going to miss Gloria Foster in the 3d installment.